P.E. / Sports

Physical Education

Disney’s Physical Education program focuses across all grades is on:

  • • Teamwork: understanding that we are stronger together than alone
  • • Communication: understanding that teamwork requires responsiveness to our teammates and to our own needs as members of a team
  • • Sportsmanship: understanding that there are good and bad ways to lose and good and bad ways to win
  • • Perspectiveunderstanding that in any competitive situation 50% of the competitors will lose, and that it is okay to take appropriate risks, okay to win, and okay to lose
  • • Living in our bodies: experiencing the joy of our physical selves

Methodology: The Physical Education program provides team building activities for all ages, and takes refreshing new approaches to traditional physical activities in order to make old games new. For instance, the program introduces intriguing variations on the game of tag, such as Partner Tag (in which the players have to play with their arms hooked to a partner’s arms). In a fresh take on dodge ball (in which students traditionally try to hit each other with a ball), Disney students might play Protect the City - in which balls are thrown by “invaders” at protecting walls that defending students put up to protect an imaginary city. Soccer is sometimes played with an absurdly large ball. These approaches keep the students physically active, while also keeping games what games are supposed to be – FUN. Physical education faculty members attend professional development conferences to stay up to date on the best current practice and research on effective physical education.

Physical Plant and Equipment: Disney School has two large gyms with tall ceilings, with a moveable wall between them that can be folded back to create one very large shared space. The high quality athletic equipment includes volley ball nets, floor hockey equipment, a wide selection of athletic balls for a variety of sports, parachutes for team building activities, zip lines, yoga equipment, mats, pedometers, balance beams, step-aerobic stairs, hula hoops, gymnastic rings, etc.

Developmental Framework: The arc of physical education instruction over the course of a student’s career at Disney follows a trajectory that builds on previous knowledge:

Lower Grades:

  • • Spatial awareness
  • • Object manipulation
  • • Basic vocabulary

Middle Grades:

  • • Sport specific technical skills
  • • Sport specific vocabulary

Upper Grades:

  • • Teaming
  • • Game strategy development
  • • Analysis of individual and collective strengths and challenges



Our sports team members are proud of their teammates, and proud to be representatives of our school.”

Walt Disney Magnet School is proud to have developed a wide range of fully competitive athletic teams for grades 5 – 8.


  • Boy’s soccer
  • Co-ed cross country
  • Girl’s volleyball
  • Girl’s tennis
  • Co-ed flag football


  • Basketball


  • Boy’s tennis
  • Girl’s soccer
  • Co-ed track and field

These teams are provided with quality equipment and state of the art uniforms, and compete with schools across the city.