Diverse Learners / Bilingual


Walt Disney Magnet School is committed to providing a quality education for diverse learners and special needs students, offering both inclusion and self-contained instructional settings. Student numbers in self-contained classrooms are small in size, creating an intimate, nurturing environment.

Student capacity is built by engaging with the core curriculum through each individual student’s preferred learning modalities:


    • • Tactile

    • • Kinesthetic

    • • Visual

    • • Auditory


while remaining sensitive to the challenges and strengths of each particular child. For instance, some students are less comfortable with inclusion (with its high levels of visual and aural stimulation in the “open space” architecture of the mainstream classrooms), while others find that atmosphere to be positively energizing.

Attention is given to building social/emotional skills, with explicit development of spatial awareness, emotional awareness, and social awareness. Additional support is provided by the school’s psychologist, the guidance counselor, the librarian, parent volunteers, and the school’s social worker. The Communications Arts Center consultant is mindful of seeing that diverse learners are equitably featured in the school’s arts-integrated curricular performances.


At Walt Disney Magnet School, diverse learners have full access to the school’s cutting-edge technology and digital media. Students have been especially enthusiastic about the use of MyOn – an on-line program that allows students to create personal digital libraries.

As modeled by a caring faculty and a dedicated cadre of aides, the school has developed among its students an embracing culture of respect for difference. Diverse learners are a valued part of the student body.