Reading / Language Arts


Walt Disney uses the Harcourt Reading Program in Pre-kindergarten through Fifth grade. Harcourt Reading has been recognized by CPS as one of the leading reading programs. Research studies back up the success of this program. It is aligned with Illinois State Standards, and addresses the four components of the Chicago Reading Initiative:

  • Word Knowledge

  • Comprehension

  • Fluency

  • Writing

Students in Sixth through Eighth grade use the complimentary reading series of Holt: Elements of Literature and Language. Holt is the sister company of Harcourt, and as such the two programs are meant to work together.

Direct Instruction is our successful reading program for those students who may be experiencing difficulties in reading instruction. Disney has witnessed positive reading gains by those students who are involved in this program. It is a highly research-based reading program with over 30 years of marked success. The motto of the program is "If you teach, I will learn."

Disney reinforces and enhances its language arts instruction through the implementation of proven instructional strategies such as QAR, Reciprocal Teaching, Cooperative Learning, and Arts and technology integrated instructional units.