Programs at Disney


  • Intermediate
  • Upper Level

The Intermediate level is located on the second floor of our magnificent building. It consists of three pods, the library, the gym, four diverse learners rooms, an art room, and three bilingual rooms.

The three pods contain approximately 200 students and 7 to 8 teachers each:

The Second Grade pod, Pod 220, concentrates on further developing students' Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Science and Health skills. The teachers in this grade emphasize Reading and Writing through various techniques.

Pod 210 is home to the Third Grade students, who continue to develop the basic skills for education.

Last but not least, Pod 200 consists of our Fourth Grade homerooms.

All of the teachers on this floor follow the motto of "Success for now and for LIFE". Our philosophy of education involves teaching students to learn in numerous ways. This will enable them to adapt to the many changes that life may put them through. Education is an ongoing process which should not end in the classroom, therefore we encourage parent involvement in and out of the classroom.

The third floor is home to grades fifth through eighth. There is a rigorous curriculum implemented through varied methodologies. Each Pod includes 6 classrooms. In addition, each pod has their own computer lab. 8th grade classrooms are departmentalized and students are served by many teachers in a team teaching format.

The third floor has an excellent science lab with a well equipped, hands on program that services all the children in the school. It even has a vivarium! (A laboratory of live plants and animals.) There are two additional computer labs which provide instruction as well as an opportunity for students to research and create digital, multimedia projects.

The emphasis on the third floor is academic excellence, as we are preparing the students for selective and neighborhood high schools. The students are taught responsibility, problem solving and good citizenship. We are preparing the future leaders of tomorrow and gear our program toward this goal.

Our acclaimed diversity encompasses our realization that we are one world and must learn to work together.