Mission / Vision



The Disney community will work as a unified team to achieve an ideal learning environment with a wide variety of experiences.  We will create opportunities for students to reach their full potential in a rigorous, supportive, exciting, educationally rich, fun learning environment. Our collaborative efforts will create a "sense of belonging," and nurture success, and develop 21st century skills, as we prepare the “children of today for the world of tomorrow.




Walt Disney Magnet School is committed to high academic standards and believes that learning is fun! As we prepare the “children of today for the world of tomorrow,” we strive to meet all the needs of our diverse student population through a gifted track, exceptional programming, remedial grouping, varied instructional methodology, data driven decision making, and the infusion of 21st century skills, arts and technology.  Teachers work together in an open spaced environment to create an exciting, integrated curriculum that supports both academic and social needs.  Students are taught to be creative problem solvers, collaborative thinkers and caring individuals who will contribute to the community and world at large.