• Special LSC Meeting on January 27th @ 5pm. This is a closed meeting
• Regular LSC Meeting on February 3rd @5:30 pm
• Judges needed for Local School Council Election on April 22nd. Applications available in the main office
• Applications for LSC Election available in Main office

Jan 13, 2020 - Principal selection update

• Run for Local School Council - LSC Brochure

Local School Council Meetings are held the FIRST Monday of the month and are open to all public participants.

During the Time of Transition and the Principal Selection Process the LSC will be holding CLOSED SESSION meetings but we would like to be as transparent with the process as allowed. We met in December for the suggested training by our Network LSC Representative and began the process by writing and approving an ad for the position of Principal at Walt Disney Magnet School. The ad was posted before winter break for a 4-week period and will be removed from view on January 15, 2020. The LSC was told we shall receive resumes from approved candidates on January 17th.

The next steps are outlined as meetings/tentative dates:

• Meeting on January 13th - CLOSED SESSION - We will attempt to finalize rubric of phone interview question.
• January 17th - LSC Chairperson should receive resumes from CPS. No meeting.
• Meeting on January 21st - CLOSED SESSION - Review candidates resumes and set up phone interviews for 1/27
• Meeting January 27th - CLOSED SESSION - Conduct phone interviews with select candidates.
• Meeting February 3rd - OPEN SESSION - Public Participation encouraged

Dates to keep in mind:

• Week of April 13th Finalist Candidate Form - Open for Public Participants
• Week of April 30th - Award contract to a new principal

Please check back for updates frequently as dates may change

Walt Disney Magnet Local School Council Representatives


Catherine Ashlaw-Doherty 

Parent Representatives

Sandra Cruz
Paula Dibacco
Houston Furgeson
Amanda Jasaitis
Eileen Philbin

Community Representatives

Dan Kleinman
Pamela Willis

School Representative

Rod Earles
Jason Fahrenbach
Debbie Whitemore (ESP)

Local School Council Meetings are held the FIRST Monday of the month and are open to all public participants.