iPads at Disney

We use our iPad in a myriad of ways, from the innovative programs ST Math and eSparks, as well as artistic apps for visual arts and music. 

POD 120 - Kindergarten


Apps: Make a Word, Pocket Phonics, & Touch & Write Phonics. Kindergarten has chosen their area of focus on phonics skills.  The apps that we have chosen focus on building relationships between letters and sounds in language.   At this age, children are learning to build their reading skills and spell.  Phonics is one of the main methods in their success in reading and writing.  Having the kindergarteners practice these skills on a daily basis will help them decode words as they read and know which letters to use as they write words.

Pod 100 - 1st Grade


The first grade pod selected the app “Book Creator.”  It is an app designed to help student publish their writing on the ipad.  It includes the ability for students to record themselves reading their stories, take pictures and import them, type their story, and many more fun features.  We are most excited about the ability for students to import their books into ibooks.  This creates the ability for students to have a growing library of books that they can go back and read throughout the school year.  This will create endless opportunities for students to apply new editing and revising strategies throughout the year not only to current work, but also to past works.  Students will also be able to read other student’s work on the ipad, or even listen to them read their stories after they have been recorded.  It will also give teachers the ability to track student progress through the different published books that the students make.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/book-creator-for-ipad/id442378070?mt=8

Pod 220 - 2nd Grade


IPad Apps focus is Data & Graphing. Teachers carefully analyzed MAP data and noticed that many students struggled with questions related to reading and analyzing graphs. Teachers chose applications that will focus on this particular area of math. Through use of the apps, "Teaching Graphs" and "Graph Cubes," students will read, analyze and create different types of graphs, including bar graphs, picture graphs, line graphs, tally tables and line plots. Students will also answer questions about these various graphs. Teachers hope that with more practice and focus, students will be able to tackle data and graphing questions with ease on the Spring MAP test.

Pod 210 - 3rd Grade


3rd grade is using Operation Math. This app requires students to gain a strong foundation in all operations. Students select an operation and have to complete missions as fast as they can to gain access to more  challenging levels. Students have 60 seconds to complete basic facts to open secure doors and receive spy gadgets. The students find the app challenging, rigorous, and engaging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pod 200 - 4th Grade


Kids Discover Apps Enhance Fourth Grade Curriculum . Pod 200 is excited to launch the Kids Discover Apps series.  Kids Discover has been a favorite source for rich print materials and non fiction infographics. The apps grab our attention in a whole new way! Pod 200 has selected several apps that support elementary Science standards: Geography, Simple Machines, Ecology, Geology, Energy and The Sun.   The Kids Discover motto is: Engaging Non Fiction For Curious Minds. Fourth graders are curious, and  Kids Discover brings the answers alive.  Each app is like a mini- living textbook that contains fantastic, interactive graphics and content.  Parents and students will find a several other high quality resources, both print and electronic,  on the Kids Discover website. https://www.kidsdiscover.com


POD 320 - 5th & 6th Grade

MAP focus being on Vocabulary Strategies and Word Analysis, we opted for two apps that will allowour students to build on the skills they already use in the classroom on a daily basis.

POD 300 - 7th grade


The 7th grade teachers are falling in love with iBooks Author. This dynamic app allows students to present their knowledge in the form of an interactive book. We can use this software in a variety of subjects and for a virtually limitless set of projects. The students create books that draw on multiple types of media--video, graphics, photographs--and plan interesting and effective ways to communicate the themes and information they have been absorbing in class.

POD 320 - Middle School

Vocabulary Prep includes over 200 challenging words collected from common middle school texts and standardized tests: nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Using it in 5th grade will really give our students a head start!


Mental Case is The Study App. With multimedia flashcards, iCloud sync, and advanced study scheduling, it's the best way to organize what you want to learn. Students can prepare their own flashcards with text, images, audio and video, or download from websites like quizlet.com and cram.com. Studying is fun with these beautifully-presented slideshows on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Since it syncs to your iCloud, you can study on the go! Great for ALL subjects, but especially for those Greek and Latin roots that pop up all the time on the MAP tests!