Early Childhood 


Walt Disney Magnet School’s Pre–K classrooms are located near the building’s entrance, thereby acting as the “front door” to the whole school’s learning environment. The Pre-K space is vibrant, warm, and inviting (as are the Pre-K teachers) and is constantly being redecorated to reflect subjects being explored with the children.

There are three learning “families” within the space, known as the Honey Bunnies, the Fabulous Frogs, and the Bears. This is a fun place to learn, rich with lively arts activities, lots of musical instruments, a sand table, a water table, an 'igloo" made from plastic milk containers, a science center, and stimulating, age-appropriate academic content.

In addition to their work with their core classroom teachers, the students also learn from a Chinese language teacher, a science teacher, and a visual arts teacher.


The students have access from the very beginning of their school experience to cutting edge new technology: iPads, Promethean boards (large, interactive projection screens for teachers to present on-line multi-media material to their students), and Promethean tables (hands-on, interactive table top screens for the children to engage in a rich array of learning activities, puzzles, and games that develop skills in reading, writing, mathematics, matching, classifying, sorting, sequencing, and story-telling).


Through-out all instruction, students’ vocabularies are constantly being expanded. For instance, after a unit on egg-laying animals, a visitor to the Pre-K classrooms could hear the children gleefully referring to such creatures as “oviparous.”

The Pre-K teachers place a priority on on-going dialogue with each child’s family to ensure that every student feels safe and cared for in the school.

There are two “shifts” in preschool attendance - 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM and 11:45 AM – 2:15 PM.


Very huggable stuffed animals and beloved books are provided at nap time.

“It’s always a great day to make wonderful happy honey bunny choices.“