Feb 8, 2017 - Disney coding pilot mentioned in article " My first 90 days at a Tech Education Startup"

• Dec 2016 - Walt Disney Magnet School Program featured in The White House - Office of the Press Secretary FACT SHEET: A Year of Action Supporting Computer Science for All

Dec 2016 - Showcase of New Coding Curriculum: Chicago Public School Students Create Their Own Websites

Dec 2016 - Microsoft Chicago - Ensuring Computer Science For All (PDF)

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Walt Disney Magnet School is at the forefront of a national movement to bring Computer Science education to our public schools. Strong technology and computational thinking skills are a priority for Disney School, the Chicago Public Schools, and the nation. Every student, from preschool to 8th grade, is exposed to computational thinking, computer science principles and practical coding languages. We were part of the district’s first CPS CS4ALL (Computer Science for All) professional development cohort, sending 12 teachers to receive training of the curriculum.


Students use a variety of computer science curricula. Scratch and Scratch Jr. developed at the MIT Media Lab provide an easy way to get kids coding, with tools powerful enough to develop complex programs. teaches universal computer science concepts such as algorithms and variables. 6th through 8th grade teachers have been trained in Apple’s new computer science program, Swift Playgrounds.  All upper grade students will learn the real world program language Swift used to develop many of today’s most popular apps.  


Disney’s principal, teachers, and staff have received accolades from CPS for their implementation of Computer Science for All; in fact, CPS holds Disney’s implementation as a model for other schools to emulate.  For example, Disney hosted a district Computer Science open house, and Sharnell Jackson, Implementation Management director for the CPS CS4ALL program offered the following praise:

“Attendees were simply in awe of your students' intrinsic motivation, collaboration, and level of understanding of how, why, and the long term effects of learning computational thinking skills they expressed on the student and teacher panel.


Your Computer Science implementation process is an outstanding model for ensuring the building and sustainability of instructional capacity, collegiality, professional learning, and collaboration demonstrated by  your committed teachers and visionary leadership.”