The Magnet

As a fine arts and technology magnet school, Walt Disney Magnet School’s vision intertwines arts and technology in a way that supports full creativity and expression for deep engagement with rigorous academic content.

This magnet vision is enacted through the three pillars of the Walt Disney Magnet School Theory of Action:

  • I) Well articulated curriculum
  • II) Varied Instructional Methodology
  • III) Data-driven instruction:


I. Well-Articulated Curriculum:

  • - Standards Based (Illinois & Common Core)
  • - 5 Part Lesson Plan Format
  • - Curriculum Planning/Mapping
  • - Pacing Schedule
  • - Additional Enrichment- Art, Dance, Digital Music, General Music, Chinese, Library, Gym, Science Art, 21st Century Learning,   Coding, 3-D Printing
  • - Gifted and Remedial programs in addition to rigorous regular curriculum

II. Varied Instructional Methodology

  • -Professional Development
  • -Research based instructional frameworks:
    • Brain-based Instruction, Kagan, SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol), STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System), Marzano's Nine Essentials
  • -Integrated Arts and Technology
  • -Monthly arts/tech integrated units
  • -Differentiated Instruction
  • -Ability grouping for Reading in K-3

III. Data Driven-Instruction

  • -Weekly Data Dialogues
  • -Individual/Group Strengths and Targets
  • -Classroom Tools, ROK (Ring of Knowledge) cards, DDI Boards, Progress charts
  • -MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) & Progress Monitoring
  • -Formative Assessment (Measures of Academic Progress) three times a year
  • -eSpark (on-line individualized instruction and assessment system)

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